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                  Alternative Therapies for Arthritis

Has your aging dog or cat slowed down? Are they reluctant to get up, run or jump, or unable to carry on their normal activities? Does your cat sit and look at the counter but no longer jump up? In many older animals this is the only sign that they hurt. Often the first course of action is pain medication (including rimadyl, tramadol, and gabapentin), which helps many animals suffering from chronic pain.  We also offer alternative therapies including rehabilitative laser and glycosaminoglycan injections (adequan). These modalities are especially useful for animals that cannot tolerate oral medications, or whose pain is not sufficiently controlled on oral medications.

The main effects of laser are to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and increase circulation to the affected area through a process called 'photobiomodulation'. Using red and infrared light over injured areas, laser stimulates healing and pain relief at a cellular level.

Adequan is an injectable polysulfated glycosaminoglycans, which is effective in increasing joint fluid and reducing the damaging effects of destructive enzymes in an inflamed joint.  This injection has a rapid onset, reaching the joints within hours.

Both modalities are often used on a long term basis to keep your beloved pet comfortable. Please ask us for more information!


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