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Communicating with the Veterinarian


Over your pet’s lifespan, there may be numerous times you seek veterinary care.  It is important to understand a veterinarian’s training, knowledge and expertise, and the important role they play in your pet’s healthcare.  

Whether your pet’s veterinary visit is a regular wellness exam or is due to a serious illness, your communication with your veterinarian is critical. You spend a lot of time with your pet, and know them better than anyone else.  This uniquely enables you to notice abnormal behavior. During your veterinary visit, conveying any physical or behavioral irregularities to the vet will better enable them to create a diagnostic plan to best determine what is ailing your pet.

Prior to your pet’s veterinary appointment, you should create a list of any questions you have about your pet's behavior, nutrition, or changes in demeanor. If you are new to pet ownership, we are happy to discuss the needs of your particular breed or species of pet.

Establishing open communication with your veterinarian allows you to better understand your pet and their needs and grants your veterinarian essential insight into your pet’s behavior and potential illness.