Obedience and Training

After you bring your pet home, it is important to implement the rules of the house right away. Introducing your pet to obedience training can strengthen the bond between owner and pet and provides a level of expectation for your pet. One of the most important training regimens to begin is “potty-training”, so pets have an understanding of where they should relieve themselves. Both male and female animals urinate to mark their territory, so bathroom training is essential. Remember that when training, you have to be consistent with training regimens, and communicate in a way that your pet understands.

Newspaper and litter box training

Litter box training a cat is one of the simplest things to teach a pet. Show your cat where the box is, gently place him in the litter, and perhaps dig in the litter gently with your finger to peak their interest, as they prefer to bury their waste. Start by limiting your cat to the litter box area, closing off other rooms of the home. After your cat begins to use it faithfully, gradually give the cat more space away from the litter box. If your cat has an accident outside of the box, check to make sure the box is clean. Cats are very meticulous and prefer clean spaces; the litter box should be scooped daily and cleaned well weekly, or your cat may start relieving themselves elsewhere.

Bunnies can also be litter box trained using a method similar to cat training. After you bring your bunny home, pay attention to where they use the restroom. Like cats, they prefer to have clean living spaces and will relieve themselves in a similar location each time. After their spot is defined, place a litter box over it filled with rabbit-specific litter. The rabbit should gradually begin using the box.

If any pet has an accident inside, be sure to use an enzyme-based cleaner, not a cleaner that contains ammonia. In time, the ammonia will mimic the smell of urine which will encourage your pet to continue eliminating in that same spot.

Crate training

Crate training is the easiest way to teach a dog to eliminate outside, because it doesn’t allow them room to go inside. Most dogs will prefer not to eliminate where they sleep. A proper-sized crate is just big enough for your pet to stand comfortably, turn around, and lay down stretched out. At routine intervals let the pet out of their crate, and immediately take them outside to use the restroom, offering praise and treats after they go. With persistent, continual training, the dog will eventually only go outside.

Professional obedience training

A well trained pet is a joy to have around. All pets benefit from training classes, which also give an opportunity for socializing with other dogs and people. We recommend only positive reward based training. Please ask us for recommendations.

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