Pet Wellness Exams

Wellness Care – Pets age faster than humans. The goal of annual or bi-annual exams is to detect medical conditions early when they are most treatable. Wellness exams include a complete physical exam and routine diagnostic testing which may include bloodwork, fecal analysis, urinalysis or xrays. On a patient to patient basis we will make recommendations regarding  vaccinations, flea, tick and heartworm testing, and preventative medications for fleas, ticks and heartworm. 

 During the exam you have the opportunity to discuss your pet’s health and ask questions about any existing conditions or concerns. It is vital for you to note any changes that have occurred with your pet including vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, weight gain/loss, excessive thirst, or change in behavior. 

Your pet wellness exam will include : 

  •  a complete dental and oral exam. 
  •  a complete physical exam that evaluates all body systems
  •  heartworm and tick borne disease testing in dogs
  •  lab tests that may include blood work, urine analysis, and fecal testing / parasite evaluation).
  •  x-rays as indicated

Puppies, kittens and senior pets may have special needs:

Because puppies and kittens have less developed immune systems, they are far more susceptible to disease and parasitic infection. During puppy and kitten exams, we examine your pet from head to tail checking their general health status, as well as looking for any inherited or congenital diseases. Puppies and kittens will come in frequently for the first few months to have all their immunizations completed.

Senior pets require more care than their youthful counterparts. Because older pets are more susceptible to age-related illnesses, it is recommended that elderly pets receive a wellness exam twice each year, with complete lab work performed at least once per year.

Juvenile through geriatric, preventive care is key to a long and healthy life! To schedule your pet’s wellness exam, contact our office in West Windsor, NJ, today!

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