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We are always striving to provide your pet with superior care.  Here is what some of our pet parents have to say about our practice:

Everyone is great- from being able to book a sick appointment to talking to the doctor and checking out. Friendly and knowledgeable team that works well together. Love them! (Claudia Colon)


I've always had a certain amount of skepticism about vets- maybe they are recommending and charging me for unnecessary things etc. but over the years I have really grown to trust Edinburg Animal Hospital. The care is really excellent -Dr. Danielson is very capable and caring - she's seen it all and is very experienced. And all the staff are really positive, helpful, caring and considerate. Dr. D even calls to follow on progress after your pet starts medication or is recovering from something. The location and hours are very convenient, and they always seem to be able to fit you in if you need them to. I do not give 5 stars lightly!  (Matt Adlai-Gail)


The staff here is fantastic- from the folks that treat the animals to the folks that help you when you arrive and head back home. (Peter Schedler)


A top exotic vet is what we were looking for and they delivered! The house rabbit society recommended them and we took our very old rabbit here and he has had excellent care. That said, they are also great for dogs and cats! One of our cats is not easy to examine and they handled him kindly but also were happy to give him medication for his next visit so he wouldn't be so incredibly stressed out. Prices are not off the wall and seem totally normal for the area.  (Kelly Prizel)


This was my first visit here with my brand new puppy. Everyone made me feel so welcomed and they quickly squeezed me in when I called with new puppy mom worries. They took their time and made sure we were both comfortable and at ease. They made sure to answer all my questions and the girl at the front desk even helped me gather all of my things into a bag so that I could carry the puppy and my stuff out safely. The next day I received a follow up phone call to make sure she was feeling ok and that truly meant the world to me. Here I felt like me and my dogs' well being were put first and that made all the difference. I look forward to seeing them for all of my needs in the future. (Caitlin Davis)


Awesome caring group of people! Very friendly helpful staff. Always makes a fuss over my animals and works to calm them down. More compassion is given to my furry friends and myself than I ever get from my own personal doctors' office! I wish they treated people too! (Joan Marie Slater)

 Thank you so much for your ongoing care of Chambo, Rocky and Jasmine. Chambo truly is a wonderful quirky cat with a lovable and tolerant demeanor and your knowledge and compassion have made caring for him less stressful for all of us. Rocky and Jazzy are his best buddies and aside from the ever-present rash, he is a happy little guy 90% of the time! (The Mercurio Family)

 Edinburg Animal Hospital saved my dog's life! He was suffering terribly from arthritis in his joints and my local vet said there wasn't much I could do besides give him medication and try to keep him comfortable. A local dog sitter told me about laser treatment for dogs and gave me Edinburg Animal Hospital's contact information. Well, it changed his life! He no longer cries all day, his tail is wagging, he can go for short walks (pretty good for 13 years old) and has his wonderful disposition back. Although it takes me most of an hour to get there, it is so well worth it. The laser treatments are relatively affordable (about $235 for 5 sessions) and it has completely changed my fur baby's life!  (Cushla Rullo)

I want to thank everyone for all the work and effort they have helped me with my little Morocco for the past 7 months as he went through all those bandage changes. I cannot believe he is BANDAGE FREE and STRESS FREE!! I want to send a special thank you out to Danielle who helped handle all my many phone calls the day after surgery. I also want to thank Melissa for putting up with my pooh bear and for also putting up with ME and my frustrations and stressing after surgery over the cone. You have great patience. But most of all, I need to thank Dr. Fanders. I could not ask for more in a vet. From the first day Morocco and I met you back many years ago at Cream Ridge, you didn't treat him as a number or just another patient. He is a fussy, feisty and difficult to deal with cat, but you took the time to get to know him and develop a relationship with him. You got to UNDERSTAND him. I trusted you completely, and without you, I don't know if I would have been able to have had the surgery. I truly from the bottom of my heart, cannot thank you enough for giving me my healthy little bandage free man back! We both <3 you!!!!  (Lauren Lettiere)

 Great staff, great location and really nice people. Both doctors are very good. They have taken very good care of our 2 golden doodles and 15-yr old tabby. (Paul Connolly)


I have been going to Edinburgh for over 11 years now, and have always found the entire staff nothing but courteous and professional.  I originally went for my hedgehog because she was considered an exotic pet, and because I was so pleased with the service continued going when I adopted my two puppies (even though it was a little further than other vets).
Throughout the years from puppy-hood to knee surgeries to allergies, I knew my furry babies were getting the best care possible.  Although my dogs had a tough time with just unlucky genetics, I truly believe they would not have survived as long as they did without such wonderful and compassionate care.  
Losing them both in the past few months was one of the most difficult things that I have had to go through, but I knew that the entire staff there genuinely cared for them as much as I did, and it showed.   When I am ready to adopt again, I will definitely be taking them here!  (Tara Lapage)

"I wanted to take the time to thank Dr. Fanders for her conscientous surgical procedures on my 2 sugar gliders. I just happened upon her looking for an exotic vet for neutering. She was knowledgable about their diet as it is very important they have calcium. She encouraged me to have whatever I thought they needed to make them happy during their surgical day like their favorite worms and their fruits and veggies. When they came home I could not even see the surgical sites and they did not seem to suffer any discomfort. I gave them pain meds maybe two times for good measure, but I don't think they needed. They are doing very well. Hours are convenient and the prices were 30% better than elsewhere. Staff was very friendly as well. Thank you." (Michelle Cocciolillo)

We have a Jack Russell Terrier who is 18 years old.. We have been using Edinburg Animal Hospital for her entire life. She is presently remarkably healthy, with a good appetite who still is able to travel, enjoy her family and her life. We have always found the staff at the hospital to be wonderfully attentive, sympathetic and caring. They have always been responsive to all of our phone calls and questions when that was all that has been required. In her later years, our dog has experienced three very serious and potentially life threatening illnesses, including pancreatitis. In each case, after bringing her to Edinburg Animal Hospital Dr. Danielson and Dr. Weeks expertise in diagnosing her problems and recommending the appropriate treatment has saved her life. As she has gone thru these problems she has also had the need to go on specialized diets. Most recently, as her kidney's have aged, they have again adjusted her diet to further help protect her kidney's and prevent renal failure. In addition, Dr. Danielson has prescribed daily supplements to help our dog maintain her eyesight, protect her immune system, and to help her age as healthy as possible, which she is certainly doing. We owe Edinburg Animal Hospital our dog Kimbie's good health and our opportunity to have the joy of loving her each day. (Ron Schacht)


We have been going to Edinburg Animal Hospital for approx 10 yrs. We have 3 large dogs and Dr. Danielsen has been absolutely wonderful in treating each and every one our pooches. Excellent care and compassion for our furkids!! - We've bonded with the technicians as well - especially Jen and Carrie!! We are moving out of state in a couple of weeks and Dr. D gave us a big hug as we parted - the staff at Edinburg is absolutely AMAZING and wonderful to work with. Extremely caring!! The patients: Brutus, Heidi, and Liska are very fond of them as well!!  (Joanna Dorobo-DiPersio)


We love the doctors and staff at Edinburgh. We've been taking our dogs there for close to 20 years. They took wonderful care of our first dog for her 13 years and diagnosed our 2nd dog with a very rare disease and walked the long road with us as we said good-bye. We are confident the same care will be given to our newest dog. The staff is always friendly and compassionate and we can always count on an accurate diagnosis and wonderful care for our 4-legged family members.  (Karan Peterla)


 Thank you so much for your donation to New Jersey House Rabbit Society from your recent Open House. We are grateful for your thoughtfulness in including NJHRS as a beneficiary of the donations generated that day. NJHRS provides a valuable service by being a resource for information on proper care of companion rabbits, providing lower-cost spay/neuter services for rabbits through our one-of-a-kind spay/neuter certificate program and when space allows, rescuing and fostering rabbits. Your donation will be earmarked for our spay/neuter program. Once again, please accept our heartfelt gratitude for thinking of us and your caring and compassionate ways.  (NJ House Rabbit Society)

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